How to order

Booking an online course at Bonariusconsult is easy and straightforward:

  • Select the course of your choice.
  • Choose your currency (CHF or EUR?) and finish the checkout as you would in any other online store.
  • You will receive an invoice with your order by email. Please check your SPAM folder if necessary.
  • You will need to make your payment by bank transfer with the BIC and IBAN code as detailed in your invoice. On your bank transfer form, please indicate the invoice number toghether with your first and last name as intended purpose for this transfer.
  • After receipt of the invoice amount, the access code to the online seminar will be sent to you by email.


If you make your payments from Switzerland, choose CHF. When in doubt, choose EUR and use the SEPA method for bank transfers. Use the currency switch on the right hand side to toggle between CHF and EUR. We use the conversion factors of the European Central Bank and do not incur any additional costs.

Background: If you make your payments from outside Switzerland, you have two options.

  1. If your country is part of SEPA use the SEPA method to ensure speedy transfer and to avoid additional fees incurred by your bank. If your bank requires SEPA transfers in the EUR currency, please use the Currency Switch to display the amount in EUR.
  2. International transfer methods - details on the exchange rates and the fees incurred vary with your bank. Please contact you bank for details. Make sure all fees are paid by you by choosing the option „payment of all fees (OUR)“ (do not choose not BEN or SHARE) as Dr. Bonarius Consult GmbH will not be able to pay any fees. If possible, prefer the SEPA method.

How to Order